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Introduction of Sichuan TWT Fire Technology Co., Ltd

The company has obtained the certification of quality management system, safety environment and occupational health management system; Foam extingui shing agent products have also obtained China Environmental Labeling Product Certification; All the products have obtained the China fire products certification certificate. Now has a complete series of fire extinguishing agent product line, bu t also become a fire extinguishing agent industry research and development,   thepioneer of production. The main products of fire extinguishing agent category are: class A foam fire extinguishing agent, multifunctional foam fire extinguishing agent, various types of 3% and 6% water film forming foam fire extinguishingagent, various types of 3% and 6% waterresistant film forming foam fire extinguishing agent, synthetic foam fire extinguishing agent. The company recently developed 1% water film foam fire extinguishing agent, cold sea water type and otherspecial foam fire extinguishing agent; The main products of fire extinguishingequipment include pressure proportional mixing device, foam hydrant box, etc. The company also actively develops intelligent fire fighting system platform andrelated products. Also acting sales of highend fire extinguishing agents and fire equipment.

As the standard setter of multifunctional foam fire extinguishing agent, in addition to serving the fire brigade and professional fire brigade of enterprises and public institutions, it is also widely used in nearly a thousand industrial and civil buildings.

After continuously improve and enrich ego structure, we have a foothold in the field of fire extinguishing agent product makes the "high efficiency, environmental protection, innovation" concept, in the field of fire extinguishing system equipment to build "reliable, safe and wisdom" concept, efforts to create high-end products, actively obtain international certification, to better develop the international market and domestic highend customers market. To become the most reliable professional fire research and development, production enterprises, looking forward to working with the same way and you win-win cooperation.

Chengdu Hongxinda Fire Technology Co., Ltd., a professional agent sales of fixed fire extinguishing system equipment: with the wellknown "Sichuan" brand strong cooperation, products cover water sprinkler system, fire hydrant, gas fire extinguishing system, foam fire extinguishing system, fire cannon, high pressure water mist fire extinguishing device, dry powder fire extinguishing system, etc.